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3D Graphics : Men & Cars

What is 3D graphics?

First and foremost, we must understand the effect and difference of 2D VS 3D Graphics. 2D is used to create flat digital images. X and Y horizontal and vertical axis are used in 2D. Its graphics are used for printing and drawing applications. 2D graphics are vector based graphics.

3D graphics represents 3-dimensional representations of geometric data, such as length, breadth, and depth. It’s graphics fall into 3 categories:


 1. 3D Graphics and 3D modeling – the process of forming computer model of an object.

2. Layout and Animation – movement and placing an object in a scene are known as layout and animation.

3. 3D rendering – computer calculations that are based on light placement, surface types generate an image.


Why is it so important to bring life to cars in the most profound realistic way?


A research has actually concluded exactly what a lot of ladies have actually presumed all along: male vehicle drivers consider their motors to be a part of themselves. The finding goes some way in the direction of discussing why males are most likely to cruise in addition to one hand on the wheel – they are more relaxed inside the interior of their vehicles.

In contrast, women motorists will take not do the same, maintaining both hands strongly on the wheel, since they are more likely to understand that their automobile is a separate body. The study, The Secret Life of Cars as well as What They Reveal About United States, offers a brand-new idea right into the partnership in between cars and their proprietors.

It wraps up that numerous males that have a problem in talking about connections have no such troubles when it concerns waxing lyrical regarding their four-wheeled pride and joy.

  • Men talk about their automobiles as if speaking about themselves
  • Women are much more comfortable expressing their feelings directly as well as read the vehicle as separate. That’s why ladies provide automobiles names.
  • They were likewise likely to enjoy the type of habits of love towards cars that one generally relates to loved ones or pets, such as patting the roofing system or dashboard.
  • Men are 4 times more likely to sing on their way to work compared to their way home, mostly due to the fact that they saw their car as a form of a cocoon, like a bath.



To sum up, for artists point of view 3D (3D graphics) allows us to create a clear presentation of our vision in the most realistic way possible, the re-creation and emotion of a high-speed chase can be digitally brought to life with 3D science on a still image!

We take great pride in our “Cars” since the lather represents a stretch between comfort and necessity to pure vanity, and we also understand that Men loves their cars because it’s a part of them!


Check out the CGI Car Tutorial Below



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