NRS Live Streaming Team

January 16, 2018
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January 16, 2018 Hawk

NRS Live Streaming Team

Live streaming is a hugely prominent social experience for unbelievable amounts of website traffic with numerous people not only playing online together or enjoying other people play by means of online streaming services.

Thanks to video game live streaming services like Twitch, YouTube and Mixer among others, players could now transmit their play sessions to those that want to see them and communicate with their viewers. Live streaming is just one of the largest things happening in video gaming now, large enough that some of the most prominent streamers have the ability to make a suitable living from it.

As video game streaming has become super popular, the number of services promoting it has also increased. Currently, there’s greater than one area you could go to enjoy as well as relay real-time computer game action.

As long as you have a suitable COMPUTER or modern game console you can be a streamer. However, the concern is just how you can be different from the rest. At NRS not only we do game streaming with the current popular games but we will be the first to stream Virtual Reality (VR) games as well as VR and Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments. NRS Channel will be varied and anyone can become part of our team of streamers, promoting not only popular games but NRS Virtual Reality Film-Game development (VictusVincimus Veterans Revenge – V3).

Natural Records Studios focuses on using the three networks (Twitch, YouTube, Mixer) in our live streaming. Streamers are welcome to join the team as long as certain rules in the channel are observed.

 Check below on how you can be a part of NRS Channel.

Channel Rules

The rules of the channel are pretty much straightforward and easy to follow:

  •  NRS encourages creativity, innovation, and uniqueness. We thrive to have a clean, professional channel where our team members are freely expressing themselves and their creativity.
  • Creativity and artistry mean, as a streamer you can stream live or pre-recorded artworks, travels, hobbies, anything that reflects positive reactions to the viewers.
  • NRS does not encourage Racism, Sexism or discrimination of any sort.
  • NRS does not stream any political or religious discussions.
Helpful links to start streaming:


Virtual Reality Streaming coming soon...